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Risk Management

Travel Security in a Globalized Economy

In today’s increasingly globalized economy, frequent corporate traveling and overall workforce mobility are becoming more and more commonplace. The progressive decentralization and deterritorialization of the traditional workplace comes with a wide array of new security concerns that should effectively be addressed by employers. Failure to take into account these concerns  can have a clear detrimental… Read more

A Proactive Approach to Executive Protection

The key to a successful and effective Executive Protection (EP) program lies in its advance, proactive work. While strong tactical skills and operational savvy are necessary, strictly relying on them would be a mistake. Indeed, it is much safer and cost-efficient to pre-emptively detect and defuse possible threats than to wait for them to manifest… Read more

Travel Security Our Travel Security service provides our clients with a complete range of measures that will ensure your employees’ and your own safety, while travelling abroad. Before departure, our team of professionals will assess the risk-level of the travelers’ destination, identify possible threats, and develop a clear surveillance and incident response protocol suiting your… Read more

Executive Protection Our Executive Protection service is tailored to the needs of our clients, and goes beyond simple bodyguard  work. RMPS believes in conducting thorough client and context-specific risk assessment and analysis in order to provide a service that is both custom-made and efficient, while remaining discreet and unobtrusive. By combining the use of highly-trained… Read more