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Must read ! Security Technology. A vision thumbnail

Extract from PARM : “Integration: Another essential element in order to maximize the return on your security technology investment is integration. By combining in one interface all the data and input coming from the different security system components and technology installed in your workplace, you will be able to increase your results all the while… Read more

The Four Fundamentals of Event Security Management

From intimate private social gatherings to large-scale concerts, festivals, and sporting events, the efficient management of security will always be a key component to the success of any event. Here are the four fundamental aspects of any well-organized event security management process: Risk Assessment, Planning, Operations, Evaluation. Risk Assessment:  This phase consists in determining the… Read more

Groupe Central and Risk Management Protective Service

From Group Central Press Info Montreal, Quebec and Los Angeles, California – February 12, 2015 – Group Central and Risk Management Protective Service LLC (RMPS), today announced a strategic partnership that teams the agility and proactive approach to protective services of each company to shield enterprises and individuals against possible threats. This premier partnership aims… Read more

A Proactive Approach to Executive Protection

The key to a successful and effective Executive Protection (EP) program lies in its advance, proactive work. While strong tactical skills and operational savvy are necessary, strictly relying on them would be a mistake. Indeed, it is much safer and cost-efficient to pre-emptively detect and defuse possible threats than to wait for them to manifest… Read more