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Travel Security

Our Travel Security service provides our clients with a complete range of measures that will ensure your employees’ and your own safety, while travelling abroad. Before departure, our team of professionals will assess the risk-level of the travelers’ destination, identify possible threats, and develop a clear surveillance and incident response protocol suiting your needs. During the trip, we will provide on-site security and coordinate our operations with local law enforcement and emergency service providers in order to identify threats, provide guidance, and ensure that the proper emergency response is carried out, if needed. Our services are designed to provide you and your employees with the confidence that all of your security requirements have been met while in a foreign country.

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment service helps our clients fully understand the nature of risk and make informed decisions in regards to it. By collecting data and conducting in-depth analysis, our risk assessment process is structured to give strategic advice on risk evaluation and management, using the latest assessment tools and expertise.

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