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Travel Security in a Globalized Economy

from the airIn today’s increasingly globalized economy, frequent corporate traveling and overall workforce mobility are becoming more and more commonplace. The progressive decentralization and deterritorialization of the traditional workplace comes with a wide array of new security concerns that should effectively be addressed by employers. Failure to take into account these concerns  can have a clear detrimental effect on the health and productivity of a business. Improper travel security planning and management can directly lead to losses in time, budget, and even lives. In addition, employers have duty of care responsibilities towards their employees which, if left unattended, can lead to  legal liabilities and costly lawsuits. This is why proper travel security arrangements are essential.

The first step towards mitigating the risks associated with business travel consists of adequate, destination-specific safety training for employees about to embark on a trip. A crucial part of any good integrated travel security risk management strategy, this formation should instruct the future traveler of the particular risks and threats he might have to face and provide him with the tools and knowledge necessary to be resilient and react appropriately if need be. Possible threats can consist of anything from petty crime to natural disasters, political unrest, medical and health issues, violent crime, data theft, terrorism, and traffic accidents.   An up to date and in-depth analysis of a specific country/city/region’s safety and security hazards is therefore mandatory in order to be able to build efficient protocols and operating procedures, as well as provide the necessary advice and support when needed.  A team of security professionals can also be provided on-site for general escorting, logistics management, and emergency support and coordination purposes.

In closing, corporate travel will always be an integral part of business expansion and development in an ever-increasingly competitive market. The implementation of a proper travel security strategy will go a long way towards maximizing the efficiency of these travels and optimizing the flow of movement, all the while ensuring employees’ and associates’ safety and well-being.

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